SERENITY - Breathe
SERENITY - Breathe
SERENITY - Breathe

SERENITY - Breathe

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Relax, Unwind & Breathe

As soon as you brew a pot of SERENITY tea, you wont be able to resist the soothing notes of lavender combined with fresh mint leaves as they take over your senses and calm your whole body. 

Green Tea: rich in antioxidants & amino acids to help you relax and keep stress at bay

Cardamon: helps to relieve headaches by relaxing the muscles

Ashwagandha: Reduces stress & anxiety while improving mood

Also with Mint

Our Hero Ingredient  
Lavender: has long been hailed for its medicinal purposes and has been used for over 2500 years. It was first referenced in the bible as spikenard which was the Greek name for lavender.  Lavender is not only beautiful with its varying shades of purple but its sweet aroma is what makes it such a delightful edition to any tea cup. The gentleness of the lavender and mint combination has a calming effect over your whole body, leaving you in a state of serenity.

Let our SERENITY tea transport you to a time when life was simple. Grab your SERENITY tea today, you won’t be disappointed.