PU'ER - Black Fermented Tea

PU'ER - Black Fermented Tea

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One of the oldest traditional teas, PU’ER is grown in China’s Yunnan province & goes through a fermenting process to give it its luxurious, layered & full bodied flavour. Tea lovers rejoice! As our PU’ER tea is not only a sweet & florally taste sensation finished off with woody undertones, but it is packed full of health benefits too.


Why We Love PU'ER. It's a very strong, rich, and dark black tea which helps to increase oxygen levels, while also providing you with healthy probiotics. PU’ER also has a little secret power!! It has traditionally been used to ease hangovers, due to its natural detoxifying agents, which as an added bonus help with weight loss. We recommend that you keep a pack of PU’ER tea in your tea stash, all year round.

PU'ER is very refined and only requires steeping, or to be brewed for 30 seconds - 1 minute. [Our biodegradable teabags can be used multiple times, depending on taste].


The Hero Ingredient. Certified Organic Ripe Pu-erh tea.