FOCUS - Energising
FOCUS - Energising
FOCUS - Energising

FOCUS - Energising

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Memory lapses and decreased concentration are all signs of mental fatigue. This is why our FOCUS TEA was created, a smooth mix of Ayurvedic herbs that when combined, can help to stimulate the brain and naturally increase serotonin for a boost to your nervous system so that you can regain your FOCUS.

Ingredients: Bacopa, Ginger, Rosemary, Gingko, Gotu Kola

Benefits of Organic Plants & Herbs
Bacopa Used to assist with memory, concentration, alertness, anxiety & stress

Gotu Kola -  Anti-inflammatory that helps with arthritis, restless legs & cramps

Ginger -  A metabolic stimulant the also helps with colic, fever & nausea

Rosemary -  Used to increase concentration, enhance memory and treat headaches, anxiety & depression

Our Hero Ingredient
Gingko - beneficial to the nervous system. Can help with short term memory loss, headaches, depression, vertigo.